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Lying Crooked Hillary

Hillary Clinton Put Our National Security at Risk

Crooked Hillary Clinton said that she did not send or receive any information that was marked classified at the time.

This was a lie.

110 emails in 52 email chains contained classified information at the time they were sent or received. 36 of those chains contained secret information at the time they were sent or received. 8 of those chains contained confidential information at the time they were sent or received.

By sending this information over an unsecure server, Secretary Clinton made it available to hacking by foreign governments or terrorist groups. There is evidence to suggest that she exposed the names of undercover personnel, putting their lives in danger. The information she was negligent with may even have extended to U.S. intelligence gathering methods.

But a recent FBI report revealed that such classified information was marked with a (C) in all emails that were sent to her. She said that she did not realize that (C) stood for ‘Classified’. How could a sitting secretary of state have missed such a detail?

All evidence suggests that she didn’t miss it. All evidence suggest that this is a blatant lie.

It seems that Secretary Clinton intended to break federal law regarding the handling of classified information. She did everything within her power to hide this from the American people.

Crooked Hillary bought used blackberries on eBay, and later destroyed them with hammers when she was finished with them. These evasive actions are indicative of criminal intent.

For once, we know why she lied.

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