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Lying Crooked Hillary

​Hillary Clinton Betrayed the Trust of the American People

“If you have health insurance and you’re happy with it, nothing changes”, promised Hillary Clinton. “You can keep that insurance.” 

Millions of Americans took hope from these words. And millions of Americans were betrayed.

Hillary Clinton played a pivotal role in lobbying for the Affordable Care Act in the Obama Administration. She took so much ownership for it that she even bragged “before it was called ObamaCare it was called HillaryCare!”

The Obama administration knew, as early as 2010, that millions of Americans would lose their healthcare plans. This didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from lying to the American people to push an agenda that would hurt the hard-working citizens she was entrusted to represent.

By the time Secretary Clinton left office in 2013, people around the country were finding themselves deprived of access to decent medical care. Can our nation afford to find out how deeply her next lie will impact the American family?

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