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Lying Crooked Hillary

Hillary Clinton is willing to lie to the American people

“We can get coal to be a fuel that can continue to be sold.”

“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Hillary Clinton can look a hard working American in the eyes and tell him or her that she will defend their interests and interests of their family.

Millions of people across the country go to work every day to support their families and keep our economy running. These people are the backbone of our nation. They are the hardworking men and women who made the United States into the superpower that it is and who fuel our progress every day.

Crooked Hillary is willing to lie to the faces of these people.

Secretary Clinton feigned sincerity in the presence of coal miners, and then gleefully spoke about their destruction to a separate audience.

But the American people can see her when she lies! How can we give our vote to a woman who alters her loyalties based on her audience? How can we entrust her to negotiate and conduct diplomatic relations on behalf of the United State?

The answer is that we absolutely CANNOT.

Make America Great Again