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Hillary Clinton Lies About Her Past Mistreatment of Women

Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “I’m With Her” draws attention to her assertion that, as president, she would prioritize the interests and the protection of women. In an ad, Hillary Clinton speaks to survivors of sexual assault, telling them not to let anyone silence their voice.

What she doesn’t mention is that, at one point in her career, she was the one doing the silencing. As a lawyer, she defended a man whom she knew had raped a 12 year old girl. In the process of the trial, Hillary Clinton did everything within her power to humiliate and discredit the defenseless victim. She was later recorded laughing about it. Now 40 years old, that victim has spoken out about the abuse that the young lawyer subjected her to.

Hillary Clinton’s contention that she will stand up for women is a lie. Hillary Clinton will not have any more compassion for struggling women now than she did as a lawyer.

This draws the true meaning of her slogan into question. Does “I’m With Her” invite her supporters to back a positive message of equality under strong female leadership, or is it an invitation back Her, Hillary Clinton and her accompanying political ambitions, at the expense of women across the country.

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