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Lying Crooked Hillary

Hillary Clinton Lies to American Veterans

Crooked Hillary Clinton went on national television to insist that wait times at VA hospitals are not as “widespread as they are made out to be”.

By doing so, she dismissed the fears and frustrations of veterans across the country who could not get medical care and could not be seen by a doctor. Veterans look to our representatives in the federal government to defend their interests in the same way they defended our national sovereignty and freedom.

Hillary Clinton lied to these people. During her tenure as Secretary of State, wait times increased significantly and deaths due to veterans waiting for care were widespread and systemic.

While veterans despairingly suffered the mental and physical wounds of military service without care, Hillary Clinton told them they were simply over-exaggerating. While veterans died waiting to see a doctor, Hillary Clinton public denied the terrible conditions they were being subjected to. And she continues to deny it.

If Hillary Clinton won’t even give United States veterans the respect of a truthful answer, how will she treat American civilians.

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