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Lying Crooked Hillary

Hillary Clinton Made Millions of Dollars and Lied About It

Hillary Clinton is beholden to donors and special interests like few people in the world are. She is so damagingly involved with these groups and their money that she has painstakingly lied about it… repeatedly.

Secretary Clinton alleged that she and her husband were dead broke and in debt upon Bill Clinton’s untidy exit from the White House.

The facts are that Bill Clinton got an advance of $10 million dollars when he left the presidency and, soon after, the Clintons purchased two multi-million dollar homes. In the years to follow, Bill Clinton went on to receive $104.9 million dollars for ‘speeches’.

The facts are that this is not standard for politicians, or for anybody. Speeches alone are not worth $104.9 million dollars. This begs the question; what were the Clintons really being paid for? The representatives elected to serve the American People are salaried to dissuade them from engaging in money-making endeavors that pose a conflict of interest between government business and personal enrichment.

It is true that Hillary Clinton did not respect the standards expected of a person in her position, but the reason that she felt so obligated to lie about her wealth is still unknown. Before the American people vote on November 8th, they have a right to know what she tried so hard to hide.

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